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Session Variables

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Hi Guys,  :)


I need some help if possible or pointing me in the right direction,  I am running Vcalendar alongside Joomla 1.5.7


After my users logs in to Joomla they can then click on the link to take them to Vcalendar, which is running on the same server.


Now I contacted Vcalendar to see if they was any way that the user only had to login once to Joomla and when they click the Link to Vcalendar it would automatically log them in as the login details are the same.


This is what they said:


Hello Nosher,


Please create "UserID", "UserLogin" and "GroupID" session variables in any other page and you will be automatically logged in. In other words the fact that somebody is "logged in" means simply that those 3 session variables exist.


Best regards,





I then contacted them and asked if the could point me in the right direction on what to do next but unfortunately they cant help me anymore.


Please if someone knows what I should do to make this work I would be so grateful on any advice as I’m lost!!!!!! :(



Many Thanks  ;D





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I'm not expert on Joomla, but worst case scenario, you'd have to dig around it to find where the login logic is. Otherwise, you can look up what session variables Joomla uses, and pass them to vCalendar's login script directly.


Unless you are fairly informed about the internals of either system, this should come naturally to you. If not, then you'll need to start some digging through documentation. It may even be easier than I make it sound.

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