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I started this project that updates about a dozen xml files that provides data for a flash website.

my question is does php have any functions for writing to xml files?

to be more specific... I can parse the xml with no problem using php functions so thats cool.

updating it however, I can not find any info on this.

My best solutions are to treat them as text files and use a series of strpos, stristr, etc. to update the files or use a database to store the info and add, edit or delete from the database and then rewrite the xml files.

any thoughts on this....


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A couple of years ago, I used xml_parser_create and some of its sibling functions.

But, last Fall I had to do another project and found the pear package 'XML_Serializer' was much better.

I mention 'last Fall' because things seem to change and there may be something better in the Pear repository now.

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