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Apache 2.0.47 and Flash HELP :)

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I am new to the group as I am new to Linux :) I finally have RH9 with php and mysql all running fine with each other. After many tries that is :) Now I am trying to get flash to work with apache so people can actually see it. I created a flash 6 file (.swf) and the html file automatic by just chosing publish. I then put it on a flash card and put it on my Linux box so people can see my new design but when everyone goes to it all they see is the green background and it just sits and loads forever. I went into the mime.types file and added:

application/x-shockwave-flash swf

application/futuresplash spl


restarted the server but boom same thing. I then used a computer on my home network to access it with Internet Explorer 6 and is still just sits there as if its loading forever with just the background. Can anyone give me any clues as to what I should do next? or look for ...etc



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i think u have to enable it via ./configure \'using the --with swf line etc

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