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Salt Generator, Security!


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I want to make my user's passwords more secure, than just a one way encryption. My plan is to make a salt generator, then add it to the password, and encrypt it. Then add the salt to the database, so when the user types in their password, I can check the password with the random salt generated from the script which is in the DB.


My question is; is this secure enough?


Here is how I want to generate salt.


have the script generate a letter from a-r, and a number from 1-10. Then add them so for example: a6, then I want to add 6 to the a, so I get g, and then add 10 to the generated number. So over all I get something like this a6g16.


Would that help?


-Thanks Guys!

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You do know that like 99.99% of account/website cracks are not done by decrypting things (like someone's password), right? And that 0.01% really only exists because of people foolish enough to use very outdated methods or nothing at all. You should focus more on controlling/sanitizing input and making sure the script's logical flow is solid.

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Even if you were able to make your method work, if you don't have a secure database uncrackable passwords mean nothing... I would listen to what Violent has to say.

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This thread is more than a year old. Please don't revive it unless you have something important to add.

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