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Upload and edit images

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I want a script that makes it possible to upload an original-sized image and from this image crop out 3 different formats when these 3 are cropped out I want them to resize into right size, change name by id and upload to my server. Information about the images should be sent to a database.

I found this script that maybe could help me with the cropping:
[a href=\"http://tech.tailoredweb.com/image-editor-52.php?forum=imageeditor&page=3\" target=\"_blank\"]http://tech.tailoredweb.com/image-editor-5...geeditor&page=3[/a]

I’m quite new at PHP, any ideas?

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I don't think you're going to find anyone to just give out this script for free...it's sounding pretty complex. Read up on PHP's image functions and how it handles file uploads in the PHP manual.

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