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Trying to get PHP code to work in wordpress

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I'm trying to use images for the next page and prev page links but I'm not very good with PHP so I think I am messing something up. If I put the relative path to the template the images work but if I try to call the images based on the template folder it fails. I'm trying to get the below code to work:

<?php posts_nav_link(' ','<img src="'.bloginfo('template_directory').'/images/left.png" />','<img src="'.bloginfo('template_directory').'/images/right.png" />'); ?>


but this is what it outputs which is all messed up.


http://mydomain.com/testwp/wp-content/themes/black bloghttp://mydomain.com/testwp/wp-content/themes/black blog<a href="http://mydomain.com/testwp/"><img src="/images/left.png" /></a><a href="http://mydomain.com/testwp/?paged=3"><img src="/images/right.png" /></a>


it should be


<a href="http://mydomain.com/testwp/"><img src="http://mydomain.com/testwp/wp-content/themes/black blog/images/left.png" /></a><a href="http://mydomain.com/testwp/?paged=3"><img src="http://mydomain.com/testwp/wp-content/themes/black blog/images/right.png" /></a>

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