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Can You Concatenate String Using += In Php 4.3.2?

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Hey everyone, I'm trying to do something like this in PHP 4.3.2:
$string = "This is\tan example\nstring";

$tok = strtok($string, " \n\t");

$output = "<html><table><tr>";

while ($tok != false)
   $output += "<td>" . $tok . "</td>";
   $tok = strtok(" \n\t");
$output += $output . "</tr></table></html>";
echo $output;

But instead of getting a formated table with "This is an example string", i get a 0. I tried something simple like

[code]$output = "hi ";
$output += "there";[/code]

expecting to get "hi there" as the result but instead, i got a 0. I'm forced to do $output = $ouput . "some string..". The thing is that I know I've used the += to concatenate strings together, but I was using PHP 5. Is this something that's not available in PHP 4? Thanks!

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The concatenation operator in PHP is ".", not "+"

$a = "Hello"
$a .= " World";

echo $a; // Hello World

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