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I have edited an existing code to my own having LEFT JOIN feature in it. I am getting errors while replacing table name.



$tablepre = \"calendar\";

$sql = \"SELECT id, y, m, d, title, text, TIME_FORMAT(start_time, \'%l:%i %p\') AS stime, TIME_FORMAT(end_time, \'%l:%i %p\') AS etime, \" . $tablepre . \"users.uid, fname, lname FROM \" . $tablepre . \"mssgs LEFT JOIN \" . $tablepre . \"users ON (\" . $tablepre . \"mssgs.uid=\" . $tablepre . \"users.uid) WHERE id = \" . $id;


I need to replace [ \" . $tablepre . \"users.uid ] with [ clients.uid ]


Thankx in advance.

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It\'s alot easier to use aliases for table names when joining tables. That way you only have one occurence of each tablename


eg (partial query as sample)


SELECT a.id, a.y, a.m, a.d, a.title, b.name

FROM calendarmssgs a INNER JOIN calendarusers b

ON a.uid = b.uid

WHERE a.id = $id



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