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Can I Send The Complete Form, Not Just Results

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Hi All

I have designed a form, using excel and then converting it to html using spreadsheet converter, and have placed it on a website. The purpose of the form is that people can order literature online (there are about 50 items). Is it possible to have the form sent in its entirety, opposed to just the results, in a list format? It would be easier for the person receiving the order to be able to view the whole form, instead of just the results.

The form can be found at [a href=\"http://www.albertaga.net/onlineliterature.htm\" target=\"_blank\"]online order form [/a]This form also does calculations for the total order amount, so am not sure if that will make a difference. It would be ideal if it could be emailed to the person, but if they had to pick it up elsewhere, after receiving an email notification that wouldn't be out of the question. Alternatively, could they receive a file with the results that they could import into the base form?



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When you submit a form the data you inputted into the form fileds/components is sent, you cannot send the forms html with it! The action attribute, which should be in the form tag, defines where the submitted data will be sent to. The script in which it gets sent to is where the data should be processed. It is your responsibility how that data is processed and presented.

Yes you can email the data submitted, but you have to layout how the email will look.

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