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Zend_Form Validation

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Any Zend_Form Junkies have quite a difficult question


Question Is as follows.


I have created my own custom extension onto Zend_Form and took the whole process down into one single method to create elements add the decorators everything. The problem that I am having is when I add a validator to a element such as


$element->addValidator(new Validator_Username($nameList));


my validation is as follows within a constructor


	if(!$this->_getParam('submit') || !$this->form->isValid($_POST))
            $this->view->addContent = $this->form->render();

		// Set View AScript Path

		$this->view->adminContent = $this->admin->renderViewLeft( $this->view->render('add.phtml') );


I am trying to do the validation all in on single class method and not have to write it out for each and every element when the form is submitted ( If i did this there is 500 form elements I'd need to this for and we'll I don't have 2 months to do that )


the code to add the validator is simple


$element->addPrefixPath('Validator', 'Validator/', 'validate');

            case 'username':
                $element->addValidator(new Validator_Username(array('Admin')));
            case 'email':
                $element->addValidator(new Zend_Validate_EmailAddress());

            case 'password':
                                              array('validator' => 'NotEmpty'),
                                              array('stringLength', false, array(4, 20))
            case 'confirm':
                $element->addValidator(new Validator_Password_Confirm());



that is called within my _createElement() and the element is created etc etc etc...


create element method is as follows

protected function _createElement($name, $label, $type, $value = null, $desc = null, $options = null, $attrib = null, $validater = null) {}
$username = $this->_createElement('username', 'Username', 'text', '', 'You must enter a alphanumeric username that is between 4-15 characters', '', '', 'username');


Validation will work for Zend_Validate_EmailAddress but will not return any error messages for me, and I have the error helpers setup in the decorators...


Anyone have any idea how to get this working??

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