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Variable variables

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I want to make a for loop. What does it have to do: it will count the last 5 news posts and display them. Now i have made this for 20 post and it's alot of code while I normally can use a for loop for this.
Now i have a question about a variable variable.
I want to make a variable where the $i is a number that changes.

$post[b]1[/b]= mysql_fetch_assoc($result[b]1[/b]n);
$post[b]$i[/b] = mysql_fetch_assoc($result[b]$i[/b]n);

but I always get an error. I've uses 's, ", .s, +s, .. nothing wants to work

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I think you can use result[$i], but that means that result is a numbered array.
Can you post the full script?


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