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Guest Bsmiffy1

data from db

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Guest Bsmiffy1
Hi I'm trying to create a while loop but can't get it right.

I've read my  MySql database record into an array:

[code]  // Should select 9 records 0-8

  $mi_sp_rows = ff_select("select * from `#__ta_menuItems` where `Type`=$Type and `Specials`=$Specials and `Hot`=$Hot Order by `Item`");

  if (!$mi_sp_rows) {
      die( 'died no mi sp rows');

    $mi_sp_record1 = $mi_sp_rows[0];
    $mi_sp_record2 = $mi_sp_rows[1];
    $mi_sp_record3 = $mi_sp_rows[2];
    $mi_sp_record4 = $mi_sp_rows[3];
    $mi_sp_record5 = $mi_sp_rows[4];
    $mi_sp_record6 = $mi_sp_rows[5];
    $mi_sp_record7 = $mi_sp_rows[6];
    $mi_sp_record8 = $mi_sp_rows[7];
    $mi_sp_record9 = $mi_sp_rows[8]; [/code]

I can get the data value i want when i use:

                $itemname = $mi_sp_record1->Item;

but I want to use the above line in a while loop so i need to change the 1 to the current record number.

So I creted a variable:
              $getitemname = "$". "mi_sp_record". $spitemcount. "->Item";

which gives me the combination of the text and the current item number:

    $getitemname now contains  $mi_sp_record1->Item

but when i use the variable I just get the text and not the data in the record item:

    $sp_page = $sp_page. $getitemname . " Quantity ". $spqty ;

output should be    item name(from db record)  Quantity 1
but i get              $mi_sp_record1->Item  Quantity  1

please advise

Full code below:

[code]    $spmax = 9;
    $spcount = 0;
    $spitmecount = 1;
    $getitem = '';
    $spqty = 0;
    $sp_page = "The following <B>Sandwich on ". ff_getSubmit(sp_bread_type). "  ". ff_getSubmit(sp_spread). "</B><BR><BR>";

    while ($spcount <= $spmax) {
            $getitem = "sp_Item". $spitemcount . "_Qty";
            $getitemname = "$". "mi_sp_record". $spitemcount. "->Item";
            $getitemnamevalue = $getitemname;
            $itemname = $mi_sp_record1->Item;
echo "<p>item name is  $itemname </P>";
            $itemname = "$". "mi_sp_record". $spitemcount. "->Item";
echo "<p>item name is  $itemname </P>";
            $itemnamecont = $itemname;
echo "<p>item name1 is  $itemnamecont </P>";
            $spqty = ff_getSubmit($getitem);
                if($spqty > 0) {
                      $sp_page = $sp_page. $getitemname . " Quantity ". $spqty ;
                      $sp_page = $sp_page. " <BR><BR>" ;

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