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Search and replace outside <> tags

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I want to make a search and all normal text, ie outside HTML tags

Example 1:

Hello, I want to hightlight <a href="mailto:raze@mail.com">raze@raze.com</a>

should become

Hello, I want to hightlight <a href="mailto:raze@mail.com"><b style="color:blue;"raze</b>@mail.com</a>

Example 2:

Hello, my name is raze

should become

Hello, my name is <b style="color:blue;"raze</b>

Right now I have the following code, but it does not work with example 1, because it replaces raze inside the <a href> tag. How can I avoid that ?

$word = "raze";
$highlighted_line = preg_replace( "'($word)'si" ,  "<b style=\"color:blue;\">\\1</b>" , $line);

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$tests = array(
'<a href="mailto:Bob@Bob.com">E-mail</a> Bob.',
'<a href="mailto:Bob@Bob.com">Bob</a>',
'<a href="mailto:Sue@Sue.com">Sue</a>',

### For each test...
foreach ($tests as $test) {
echo '<hr /><b>Analyzing: ', htmlentities($test), '</b><br />';
### ...separate the tags from the text.
$pieces =
### For each piece...
foreach ($pieces as &$piece) {
### ...make the substitution on the non-tag pieces.
if (strpos($piece, '<') === FALSE) {
echo $piece, '<br>';
$piece = str_replace('Bob', 'Bill', $piece);
### ...and ignore the tag pieces.
else {
echo 'Skipping ', htmlentities($piece), '<br>';
### Now put them back together...
$string = implode('', $pieces);
echo '<b>Final: ', htmlentities($string), '</b><br>';


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Hurray, preg_split did the work... here is the complete code


function highlight_words ($text, $searchdata, $bold) {

  $word_array = explode(" ", $searchdata);

  $text_pieces = preg_split("'(<.+?>)'", $text, -1, PREG_SPLIT_DELIM_CAPTURE | PREG_SPLIT_NO_EMPTY);

  $i = 0;

  foreach ($text_pieces as $piece) {

    if (strpos($piece, '<') === FALSE) {

      foreach ($word_array as $word) {
        if ($bold == 1) {

          $piece = preg_replace( "'($word)'si" , "<b style=\"color:blue;\">\\1</b>" , $piece);

        } else {
          $piece = preg_replace( "'($word)'si" , "<span style=\"color:blue;\">\\1</span>" , $piece);
      }  //end foreach $word_array


    $new_text_pieces[$i] = $piece;

  } //end foreach $text_pieces

  $text = implode('', $new_text_pieces);
  return $text;


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