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What is the name of this php topic?

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ok, i don't have a problem here to figure out it's just the name of
the topic that i want to know.

as you can see with this

so i want to know here is the assignment of the values into the variables on the address bar what do they call on this topic?

specially this --> [code]/photos/img_info.php?current_file=tae[/code]

what is the name of this particular assignment on the address bar?
the name of the assignment? what is this subject?

thank you very much in advance.

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$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] should return "/photos/img_info.php?current_file=tae"

hope that's what you're looking for.

if not, here's the complete list of reserved variables

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umm.."passing data using the GET method" yeah, that sounds official.

well anyways, here's basically how it works:

say you have a url that looks like this:


in index.php you would access that variable like so: $_GET['id']

echo $_GET['id']; //output: 123

now obviously you want to do all sorts of things to this variable before you actually use it for anything, as the GET method is the first target of hacker attacks.

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