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Help to request a external page

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Help to request a external web page

Hi need help to show a external webpage results from a keyword search in my website.

I don't know very musch about PHP

In my website, we can find many informations about domains names

In my main search, i want to add the Sedo api search request.
Sedo page results for keyword book: http://www.sedo.com/search/keysearch.php4?key=book
for this example i placed the keyword "book" at the end

I want to show the result in my web page in a table

And the results should be clickable (blank link) so i can redirect user to Sedo with my affiliate number

The link will send user to someting like that ([url=http://www.sedo.com/search/showdetails.php4?partnerid=12345&language=fr&keyword=book.info]make a offer for book.info[/url]):

i just begin i for now, i only find how to grab the plain information with this code:
$fichier = fopen("http://www.sedo.com/search/keysearch.php4?key=book", "r"); //ouverture en lecture/ecriture
$str = fread($fichier, 500); //lecture du fichier
echo $str; //affichage du contenu du fichier
fclose($fichier); //fermeture du fichier

here the my test page: http://www.toolurl.com/testsearchkeywords.php

I need 3 things
replace the word book with the search query
put my results in a table
All results become a link to Sedo with my affid and the right keyword results
One of these result could look like that

Thank you to help me


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