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*SOLVED* Installing GD

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I just installed php/mysql/apache on my brand new windows machine, and it appears that GD is not installed.  I have downloaded the install file from the site, but have no idea how to install it. 

Can anyone help me out?


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You need to enable the gd extension. You can do this by editting the php.ini file. Find and open you php.ini file and find the following line:
Now remove the semi-colon from the stat of the line.

Now you'll need to setup the extension_dir directive. You'll need to scroll up a bit an ffind the following line:
[code]extension_dir = "./"[/code]
Change ./ to the actuall location of the PHP extension folder. BY defualt it will be C:\php\ext for PHP5 or C:\php\extension for PHP4.

Once you setup the extension_dir and removed the semi-colon save your php.in iand restart yout Apache server. If you have setup the extension_dir correctly GD should be now be available.

Also Did you use the PHP installer? If you did download the zipped binaries package instead and extract the contents to where you have installed PHP to. As the installer doesn't have that many extensions/files.

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Activating it in the php.ini file did the trick, I didnt realise it was already included!

Thanks for the help :)

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