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time turn fragile

PROBLEM SOLVED. Inline Frames are the Devil.

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Or at least, they are today.

I'm in the process of creating a new personal site called '1000 Paper Cranes' and the layout uses i-frames. And for some reason the i-frame containg the blog, isn't showing up and I can't figure out why.

If anyone could take a look at the coding and help me figure it out, that would be fantastic.

The link is: [url=http://ghopen8.freehostia.com/test.html]http://ghopen8.freehostia.com/test.html[/url]

I tested it out on Draac's HTML test bed just to double check, and it works there.

Help, anyone? :/

EDITED: I forgot to close the code with ending tags. **sigh** All that trouble for such a small thing.

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