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Insert data via a url

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I have an access database that grabs data from various forms that we submit. It stores the data in a url format. Is there a way to imput the url into my mysql database via a url?

A script of some sorts that will preform the insert based on url instead of relying on a form?



Partial example of output:







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you could just use get to pull the data from the url and assign it to variables then insert that into the database.

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If you know the path of the data you want to retrieve, you could do something like to one below;


$uploaddir = \'c:/mysql/data/login/images/\'.$yourfield;




$sql = \"INSERT INTO `your table` ( `imagefilepath`,`objTxtArea`,) VALUES (\'\" . $uploaddir. \"\',\'\".$synop.\"\',curdate())\";


This is part of a code I did. I wanted the user to upload a file which is stored in a directory. Then the path for that file would be stored in the mysql table.


This way when reading the table, it will point to that path and display the file.



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