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update problem

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I have recently moved from MSSQL to mySQL and am sorting out all the errors. I have an asp update script that is working in that it does the update but the page does not load, it just hangs until I stop it loading and I check the db and it has updated. The only code on the page is the update sql - see below. (please excuse the rude words)


If I response.write my sql to the page and copy that to myAdmin and run it there it handles it fine.


UPDATE distinctImages SET bodyPainting=\'\',pregnant=\'\',publicNudity=\'\',shower=\'\',stockings=\'YES\',shaving=\'\',smoking=\'\',bondageRestraint=\'\',tattooPierced=\'\',toy=\'\',telephone=\'\',messy=\'\',anal=\'\',doublePenetration=\'\',pissing=\'\',toys=\'\',fingers=\'\',teen=\'\',pink=\'YES\',shaven=\'\',hairy=\'YES\',leatherPVC=\'\',SingleSetCatRef=\'\',spiel=\'hello\',photographer=\'2\',licencedOwner=\'1\',location=\'1\',strength=\'2\',sublocation=\'16\' WHERE model_id=487 AND folder=\'SI19\'

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I seem to have sorted it. I added <p>update complete</p> at the end of the page and it worked. Weird.


Now I have another problem. I added a date field on the update page that is populated from the db, and it pulls it into the field fine but wont put it back into the db. If I change the date format it works.


It pulls it from the db and puts it into the text field as 2/1/2003 3:39:00 PM format. But wont it go back in unless I change it to 2003-02-01 15:39:00 format manually by hand before the update is executed.

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