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? about cron jobs

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ok, I am not very skilled with using the cron jobs portion of CPanel.  perhaps someone here can inform me of what I am doing wrong.

What I want to do is update my database every so often, and to do this, I just made a php page with all the updates needed.  Now, I want the cron jobs portion of CPanel to run this page every 15 minutes.

I have gone into the cron jobs page, and used the standard method (figuring I won't understand the advanced settings at all).  I have entered my e-mail at the top, got the time right.  But, now I am not sure what to enter into the bar for the task.  Here is what is in that bar right now:


however, nothing seems to happen.  I don't get an e-mail telling me it worked, I don't get one saying it failed. I get nothing at all.  I know its not working, I had to check it manually to see if it was making the changes it was supposed to be making, and it is not. 

Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong here?  Thank you for your time.  Hope to hear from someone soon!

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php /home/MYFOLDER/public_html/admin/run.php

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