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Apache and modules

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Hi everyone, I\'m running Apache 2.0.48 on Redhat 9.


Now I managed to get it running but I\'m confused with the use of modules. I have read all the documentation and scoured both the web and searched this forum for an answer but no luck so far. So I\'m hoping someone here can help me out.


What I\'m trying to accomplish is to set an alias for



so that I can be redirected there from http://localhost/mrtg/


I found out from reading the manual, etc that for this I need the mod_alias module.


Anyway, from what I have read there are 2 ways to load modules.

1) by compiling it into the code when you set up Apache and,

2) by using DSO to add it on the fly.


I have had no success with either method.

First I cannot seem to figure out how to compile the mod_alias.c into mod_alias.so and my attemps at compiling the module with Apache have also failed.


If someone could either explain how to do either or point me to a document somewhere that I can make sense of, I would appreciate it a lot.





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