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I bought this auction script and the search engine does not work properly. at the moment it is searching for exact phrases/words they continue on from each other so if you look on my website at http://www.bid4tackle.com/detail.php?item_id=752 it is called "Fox Evolution 3 Rod Holdall " at the moment you would have to search for the exact continuous words so "fox Evolution 3 Rod Holdall" or "fox evolution 3 rod" or "fox evolution" i.e. any keywords which follow each other e.g. "3 rod holdall". i want it to search for keywords so it would appear if you searched for "fox", "evolution" ... or key words which are not continuous so "fox" + "rod holdall" or "evolution" +"Holdall"etc.


i am only 18 and know very little about php if you could help i would be much appreciative.







$sql="select * from user_registration where user_name='$key_word' ";




$user_id = $row['user_id'];


$sql="select * from placing_item_bid  where status=\"Active\" and selling_method!=\"want_it_now\" and selling_method!=\"ads\" and  (item_title like \"%$key_word%\" or detailed_descrip like \"%$key_word%\" or  item_id=\"$key_word\" or user_id=\"$user_id\") and bid_starting_date <= now() and ";




$sql="select * from placing_item_bid where status=\"Active\" and selling_method!=\"want_it_now\" and selling_method!=\"ads\" and bid_starting_date <= now() and expire_date>=now()";





$sql.=" ( selling_method= \"auction\" or selling_method= \"dutch_auction\" or selling_method= \"fix\" ) ";

else if($show=="bid")

$sql.=" ( selling_method= \"auction\" or selling_method= \"dutch_auction\") ";

else if($show=="buy")

$sql.=" selling_method=\"fix\" ";


$sql=rtrim($sql," and ");








some one has already told me that the person who coded this is a bit mad. someone esle said try :

$sql="select * from user_registration where user_name LIKE '%".$key_word."%' ";


but that did not work. i have attached the other relevant files


[attachment deleted by admin]

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