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mysql nested query

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i have the \'category\' table in the following format



id categoryname maincatid



1 A 0


2 B 0


3 C 0


4 D 1


5 E 4


6 F 5



As you can see A,B and C are the parent categorie. D is the subcategory of A, E is again subcategory of D and F is subcategory of E.


So the tree structure is like A-->D-->E-->F


Can i write a single query in which i will specify id for F. i.e 6 and it should fetch me all parent categories upto the topmost i.e. A

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I don\'t believe this is possible in one query. I scoured the mySQL page and couldn\'t find anything about this. I know it is definately possible using oracle, but not currently in mySQL. You could easily parse this recordset into PHP and get what you need.

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