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Update/delete blob - how to

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Hi, Just wondering if anyone can give me some pointer on how to delete/update BLOB properly. My app stores articles/documents/images in mysql. Inserting files works great, but if I delete a row which has, say a 2mb pdf file, the mysql table size does not decrease (table.MYD). What would be the proper way to delete/update blob column? Is there specific functions that I use? I searched extensively on search engine but no luck finding anything.

Thanks in advance for you help.


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Another question: I have a lot of php scripts, getting kinda troublesome to manage. So I am storing those scripts in mysql and retrieving by id, so the link would look like http://localhost/controller.php?id=pageid ..............what should be header() for content-type for these scripts to execute? my browser is interpreting as application/octet-stream and prompting to save the file rather than executing as a regular php page.


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