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Help with this script!

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Hey this is for a forum template in phpbb,

Theres an image button, With the word Private message in white color font, well when some one gets a new message i want it to switch to my image with the the word Private message in red color font,

this is the only thing i found that deals with notifcation of a new message, i may be wrong

[code]--the switch--

<!-- BEGIN switch_enable_pm_popup -->
<script language="Javascript" type="text/javascript">
window.open('{U_PRIVATEMSGS_POPUP}', '_phpbbprivmsg', 'HEIGHT=225,resizable=yes,WIDTH=400');;
<!-- END switch_enable_pm_popup -->

--end the switch-- [/code]

[code]this is some other code twords the bottom i found with relating to the PM's images

<a onmouseover="changeImages( /*CMP*/'pms',/*URL*/'templates/Charcoal2/images/pms_on.jpg');return true" onmouseout="changeImages( /*CMP*/'pms',/*URL*/'templates/Charcoal2/images/pms.jpg');return true" href="{U_PRIVATEMSGS}"><img src="templates/Charcoal2/images/pms.jpg" alt="" name="pms" height="37" width="111" border="0"></a></td> [/code]

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