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Compare TimeStamp with time in array

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Hello again!! ::)


I need your help.. I hope you can help me. this is my case:


I hape a date that is in an array in this posistion:




and i want to compare it with the actual time, (unixtime) and if it is bigger than one hour appears one message......  but it doesnt work :(   

I have the idea to use the time() like this:




but the time that geve me back is the system time, not the time that is storage inside the array...


then i have this idea.. but still not works..... 


$date1 = $bookings[$i-1][date("d.m.Y",$timestampOfMonday+($x*86400))]["daterequest"]; 

    $date2 = time();   

            $dateArr  = explode(".",$date1); 

            $date1Int = mktime(0,0,0,$dateArr[1],$dateArr[2],$dateArr[0]) ;

          $dif = $date2-$date1/60/60/60;               


                if (isset($bookings[$i-1][date("d.m.Y",$timestampOfMonday+($x*86400))])){


                //IF There is a booking and the time of request is smaller than 1 hour, con make changes

                if  $dif > 3600{ 

                  echo "...make something..."


            //IF There is a booking and the time of request is bigger than 1 hour, NO changes  can made

              else {

            echo ":....Say other thing.."









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