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PHP displaying formatted text.

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Hello everyone, I have a problem hope you can help.

I'm using a forum (phpbb) but I want to bring the information from the forum onto a php web page. But when I do it doesn't come out formatted, just as a lump of text. Now I found <pre> tags on google searching for an answer and that works in formatting the text with paragraphs and stuff. But when the text string hits the end of the table, instead of going to the next line it strenches the table and the page out. Leaving me with a big H scroll and no way to fix it.

Any ideas on what I need to do to make it format properly? here's a peice of the coding:

$result2 = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM phpbb_posts_text WHERE post_id='$post' LIMIT 1");
while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result2))
echo "<b>",$subject,":</b><pre width='100'>",$body,"</pre>";


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