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Eclipse PDT 2.0 vs Zend Studio for Eclipse

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I have been writing PHP using Adobe Dreamweaver; I have been looking around for a application that focus only in PHP.I have found:


Zend Studio for Eclipse





Eclipse PDT Project:



I know Zend stands behind PHP and that Eclipse is a popular open source IDE.


What is the difference tho?

Is the PDT Project only a functionality that could be added to Eclipse IDE?

Is Zend for Eclipse a stand alone IDE for PHP? if so, Why the Eclipse in the name?


I have downloaded Zend Studio for Eclipse, so far it seems very complete (no that have learned how to use all its features).


Any help is really apreciated.


Thank you



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Zend Studio for Eclipse is just Eclipse with plugins. Most of them revolving around the Zend Framework. It honestly all depends on what you are doing. If your working with ZF a lot it may be good to have the added ZF functionality in ZS for Eclipse. Otherwise Eclipse alone will suit you just fine.

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