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open default email and insert string/url from a variable into the body

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Basicly what I'm looking to make is a link that will open up the visitor's default email, and insert a variable into the body of the new email. Allowing the user to fill in the to: field, and subject field. . .and thus allowing them to send the email themselves.

An example can be found at www.digg.com
If you're looking at a list of articles, there's a link for each article that says 'email this'. Except instead of having the site send the email. I'd rather it just open the user's default email client.

I already have the variable $url, which olds the url of the article in question. So all I need help on is opening the default email client, and insterting the variable into the body.

Thanks in advanced to anyone who can help.

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cancel that, i'll just use the basic html mailto, thanks though

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