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Trying to set up my own server...what do i do?

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I have been with a hosting company (supanames.co.uk) for over a year now and I have decided that I want to go bigger!


When I say bigger, I mean i want to set up my own server!


Basically, I have access to an always-on T3 connection. I have a 2 Gig blank hard drive that i want to connect to the net and run my website from.


I know how to use PHP, MySQL etc etc but I just don\'t know what i need to install and set up on the hard disk to get myself going.


I want the server to be running linux with apache/php/perl/webmail or some sort/mysql support as well.


Does anyone have any ideas?


Also, what would i have to do to make it so instead of going to an ip address, you went to the website name?

ie. (say the ip was I would want to go to http://www.feeta.co.uk/folder/page.php instead of


Thanks for any help...It\'s much appreciated!


Peter Appleyard

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To get a Domain name ( going to a name rather then an IP )

go to a Domain anme register, I use



As for a server


What system specs are you running?


RedHat is probably your best bet for linux, it will have Apache already installed, and PHP, mySQL are both easy to install from there respective sites

www.php.net and www.mysql.com


For webmail I suggest squirrel mail, it is a great program, I use it for my mailserver on my site.

as for perl I suggest




Activestate Perl.


any other questions just post back

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