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Can I get some help about CHMOD and windows...

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Ok here is what i am looking for... I have searched the Internet and everything isn\'t do clear about windows and CHMOD.. So what better place to ask than here... anyway here we go...


I set up a server some time ago to check out and test php/sql things.... and cgi stuff.. since my website is a walking php/sql factory with a lil htaccess here and there.. and since by site uses awstats for a stats prgm.. anyway enough boring you with my pathetic site and down to business....


ok grated I am a completely moron why you ask.. well for

1) I am running a complete web server on windows.. HELLO Linux rocks windows blows yaya we all know that.. Bill Gates feed us windows since we was kids.. I am 30 btw...

2) I want to get into free bsd but with my work i cant I need windows like a crack fiend needs crack....

3) well we all have to admit windows is just to god damn easy to use...


Now for my issue.... ok on my server for my REAL site.... is this... for CHMOD


SITE CHMOD 777 robots.txt

200 Permissions changed on robots.txt


now in windows.. say XP pro.. we get this...


SITE CHMOD 646 e107_config.php

500 Syntax error, command unrecognized.

CHMOD 646 e107_config.php

500 Syntax error, command unrecognized.

Server does not support attribute modifications

Failed [server does not support attribute modifications]

421 No-transfer-time exceeded. Closing control connection.


Mow.. from what i have been told and seeing on the net... its impossible to get windows to run a CHMOD in windows like you do in linux..... I honestly have to say that\'s BULLSHIT.. sorry.. but that\'s what i think.. cause I am sure someone has hit this issue and thought about it and did something about it... or we wouldn\'t have windows based webservers today... right.... ahh right???? ahh hello I am right aren\'t I?????? ahh ok then.. but you see the dilemma.. if anyone can help me out that would just be totally superb.. if not I will go back under my rock inside the Internet and cry till a transistor breaks or my ram runs to low..... haha joking aside.. I would like this so I can learn a tad bit more with php/sql/perl/ and all them cool toys....


anyway thanx for reading..



ohhh btw if you wanna check out my site its


I am a 3d artist for kicks...

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