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phpmyadmin help!!!

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I am very new at PHP and I want to code my first registration page, with a database for the users...Do you guys know some tutorials for this stuff something for beginners...im using 'localhost' not a webserver...cause most of the tutorials in here are for webhost users.

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for the tutorial but im looking for something small...this is just a school project..i need a userlog-in system that records username and password on a database and let the registered users log-in...

So that would be a:

a) user registration page
b) user login page

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What exactly is the issue you are having with PHPmyAdmin?  To install it just put it in your local server directory and follow the instructions.  Mostly you just need to give it the right username and password for you local MySQL. 

As for creating a user system that is trivial if you just want something simple and quick.  You'll want to go to php.net and look up the functions...
// mysql stuff
// session stuff
$_SESSION (not a function but an array that is used to store session data)
// data handling stuff
$_POST (again not a function but an array that stores post data -- from forms)
$_GET (ditto but this time from URLs generally)
// printing
print_r (for debugging mostly)
var_dump (ditto)

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