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Just starting out, need some serious help!

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I'm using Wordpress as a backend to this:


Basically I am building a local search site, but I am not personally very good at PHP, but I can use Dreamweaver and do some editing in html and php but the php side I am very bad at, I am simply going on an edit-test-edit-test type work system.

If anyone can help me with some things I'd appreciate it GREATLY, so I can get on with this as I feel that I've reached a hump so to speak.

1. How do I fix that box on the front of the page? I know it's css but I'd rather it not be there. It seems to work on the other pages (if you run a search for say CAFE or RESTAURANT) but I hate it there and can't seem to get it into the outer box. I would rather it not be there.

2. Search for "cafe" or "restaurant" is there anyway of making this search like BUSINESS and TOWN, like [url=http://www.yell.com]www.yell.com[/url] have, well they have 3 but I'd like 2 ideally.

3. How do I incorporate html into this, frames?? Or is it best just having the whole thing as php. (I want to add 10 different wordpress blogs into the front page and have them tabbed, of course this is not going to happen just yet, I'm trying to get the local search element worked out first before attempting this, but eventually that is the plan.

4. I like this plugin : http:// blog.abusemagazine.com/index.php/2006/01/28/ wordpress-plugin-post-star-rating/ I used [url=http://babelfish.altavista.com/]http://babelfish.altavista.com/[/url] to see what the instructions were. I downloaded the plugin and activated it, nothing is showing, what now?

5. Is there a way for me to display the LATEST updates or FEATURED listings that I choose that show on the sidebar?

6. I want to have an alphabetical list so the user can click say R and Restaurants will come up.

7. Seperate regions, for example : cafes in Gloucester, cafes in Cheltenham, etc, different regions having different pages if you get me??

That's it for now I think. Thank you.

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