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String stuff

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ok i have this:


in an array.

i know what the /i does, but i am curious what the /s is doing and also i am curious if there is a way so that when the ereg_replace() function replaces what it does, if there is something that makes it to where ereg_replace() has to find the exact word.  like if [evilgrin] is touching other letters like this : hello[evilgrin]  , that it won't replace the [evilgrin]; i want it to only replace [evilgrin] if it is by itself.

thanks.  hope you understand what i mean, im basically looking for another '/*' option that allows this.  thanks.

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You'll want to make the pattern:

$pattern = '/\s\[evilgrin\]\s/is';

the \s i added means any whitespace character.

for information on the modifiers, look at the manual:


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