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Updateable MySql/PHP Calendar

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I'm starting a new project and I'm by no means an expert with PHP so I need a push in the right direction.

I have a restaurant client that has a room specifically for events. They would like to have an online calendar wherein a potential customer could pull up a specific month and see a standard calendar page for that month but with the days that the room is booked designated somehow. (Maybe the open days are in blue and the booked days are in red, or something). They also want the staff to be able to update the calendar via online form.

I know that there are probably many ways to go about this but I'd like to do it the most efficient way. I'm not looking for code or someone to do the work for me, just some general suggestions on what might be the best way to go.

Thanks in advance.

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Try and find an open-source, free calendar for PHP.
If it's programmed well then styling it to suit a site shouldn't be hard.
Then, you can ask for advice on how to add hooks from your booking system (or one you create) into the calendar.

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