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Handcoding vs. Using Dreamweaver

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#21 darkcarnival

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Posted 15 April 2004 - 07:40 PM

To write my code I'm useing Zend Studio. The debug feature is very useful for me. I know there are other cool editors like PHP Edit, which is free. Nobody mentioned them here, while I'm hearing "wordpad" lots of times. Why? A PHP editor can help very much in writng your code (autocomplete, debug, support, etc...)

However, I'm just a newbie, as I said. Just writing my own first conclusions on the subject...


i can fill that in :) the more advance php coders usually dont need a fancy editor since most of us had made amny programs. but i myself use wordpad for most coding but i do use a very very simple php editor that's only special features are highlighted functions and numbered lines :) but i think ppl who want the ez way out isnt trying to keep their knowledge growing.

lets say you get into the profession and the job you work @ gives you notepad and a very simple editor that is not WYSIWYG. most ppl would get stuck, but ppl who can program without looking at the scenn will not(most of the time ;) )

but its good for beginners and those who not plan to make it a profession :)

#22 atstein

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Posted 22 April 2004 - 03:00 AM

i have had this problem also,

on the include or require pages take out the <html> and <body> tags and that will let you see Everything as it will look on the actual site.


#23 RedOrbit

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Posted 27 April 2004 - 08:51 PM

Dreamweaver I use everyday at work with PHP & MySQL. The advantages are that you can knock something out VERY quickly and the code it produces may not be THAT efficient but it is suprisingly good. i.e. It will never build a mysql statement with MySQL Injection threats and it writes code with Register Globals Off. (Far more secure).

On the down side it is pretty limited and a good knowledge of php goes a long way. I started with hand code but now prefer a combination of hand code and dreamweaver code. As long as you can see its out put you can tidy it afterwards and make sure the result is perfect.

Thumbs up Dreamweaver rocks!! B)

Hi Guys,

The Dreamweaver team would like to let you know that we are indeed listening and it's very important to us that your PHP experience within our tool suits your needs.

We'd love to hear additional feedback from you about what additional functionality you would like to see in Dreamweaver that would make your lives easier and your work days more productive.

I am a member of the Dreamweaver team and can make sure your input is shared with the right folks. Please be as specific as possible about annoyances and/or feature ideas and, while I can make no promised of course, we'll certainly give your feedback serious consideration. Send your feedback to the following email address (remove the NOSPAMPLEASE part).


- Rob

Rob Christensen
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