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New Construct! welcome help with implimentation.


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A new construct was suggested by one \'oododa\'; his brainchild of sorts, which I rather enjoyed and wish to impliment.


Here is a description, shorthand.



with( $obj ) { method(); method(); echo $object_property; }



The \'with\' construct will pull all methods and object properties of $obj into the scope in which \'with\' was used. Upon exit of \'with\', scope will be destroyed, and to use the methods or properties again (out of object scope), you will have to enter into another \'with\'.




$thing = &new Thing;


with( $thing )


doStuff(); // Thing::doStuff()

echo $obj_property;

doOtherstuff(); // Thing::doOtherStuff()



function Stuff( &$thing )


with( $thing )


echo $obj_property;




return $obj_property; // Error, $obj_property is in object scope.

// $thing->obj_property should be used.





If you would like to help out, leave a reply.

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