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register global questions

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i've just been looking through my php.ini file and i just read the part that goes.

[QUOTE]; You should do your best to write your scripts so that they do not require
; register_globals to be on;  Using form variables as globals can easily lead
; to possible security problems, if the code is not very well thought of.
register_globals = Off[/QUOTE]

but doesn't register globals have to be on to include pages like /?id=page here.

is there a way to get links working like that with register globals on then?

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no, you do not need register global on to enable any particular feature.

assume you have this kind of passing:

and you want to print the username out.

with register global on, simply
echo $username;

without register global on,
echo $_GET['username'];

relying on register global is generally not good style.  There're many reason for it.

Bottom line is, accessing your GET and POST data via $_GET and $_POST

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When register_globals is off you have to use a set of predifined variables called superglobals. The following are the superglobas:

Basically to get session data you use $_SESSION, for cookies you use $_COOKIE, for server variables you use $_SERVER, for get/post'd data you you use $_GET or $_POST

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