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[SOLVED] Are server specific settings hampering me?


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Morning all,


I have a 3rd Party script that parses XML data feeds.  I have a 6MB feed that I'm trying to parse and I'm having problems.


When I run the script on a local WAMP server it works fine, but when I put it on my remote server it doesn't complete.  It gets half way through parsing the file and just stops.  Despite setting


PHP doesn't report any errors.


Are there any other settings that might be causing this to not complete on the remote server?  The file is being read using



fread($file, 2048)




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This can be ignored now.  It was down to the underlying XML Library that PHP was using to parse the file.  It was obviously encountering something it didn't like.


The solution was to parse every character using ord() to return the ASCII value.

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