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displaying random page

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i\'ve been looking at the functions of rand() and srand(), and im not fully getting it. i would like to do something that will pick a random .php file from a folder. does ne one know of a tutorial that would be useful to me? or just post it here. thanks



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You may want to refer to this thread: http://forums.phpfreaks.com/viewtopic.php?t=1946


Here\'s a solution you can use for this situation:

Make an array of possible pages and randomly select a key.


[php:1:9dc168d5bd]$arr = Array(\\\"pg1.php\\\",\\\"pg2.php\\\",\\\"pg3.php\\\",\\\"pg4.php\\\",\\\"pg5.php\\\");


$rand = rand(0,(sizeOf($arr)-1));

$file = $arr[$rand];




Hope that helps.

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