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Something wrong with these rewrite rules?

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So nice to have found this forum!

Is there something wrong with these rewrite rules which would cause referral crediting problems?

The affiliate links work, ie the webpage does come up showing the affiliate's ID, but when someone registers for the site from their page, no one gets credited for the referral.

This happens for all affiliate IDs from 2 upwards.  Now if someone goes to the affiliate page for ID number 1, then ID number 1 DOES get credited for the referral, and DOES get listed as the new member's referrer in the database.

For all other affiliate IDs, no one shows up as their referrer in the database.

Here are those rewrite rules:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^go/([0-9]+)/?$ /parser.php?refid=$1
RewriteRule ^jv/go/([0-9]+)/?$ /register.php?refid=$1&jv=yes

Thanks for all your help!

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