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Please Wait X Seconds... Url Revealer

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Hey I originally posted this in php but apparently this is javascript... well here goes nothin:

I need help on finding a script that functions like this:
Please wait X seconds for download (for example x=15 seconds)
Please wait 14 seconds for download (and then a second later)
Please wait 13 seconds for download... (process keeps repeating)
Click here to download the file you requested (occurs at 0 seconds)

Does anyone know of a script like that one? I have seen many sites use it including megaupload.com and rapidshare.de. I am running a site with many downloads and the ones that are files over 3 megabytes must have a timer inorder to conserve bandwidth (and files over 5 megabytes download speed will be limited to 25kbps, but I have found a script on how to do that using php, but am still awaiting help on how to use it since its just a code snippet and i am a fresh to php). If you can give me a script that would function like the one above, it would be of a great help to me. Thanks a bunch. (I know how to hide the url of the download and force it to save using php so that isn't a problem).

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javascriptkit.com  simplythebest.net  <-- these have great javascript scripts.. what you need is a simple <span id=blah></span>  and document.getElementByID("blah").innerHTML= x  and set up a little timer to reduce x by so often then read from like TheFile.js?fileID=XX when x=0

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try this
<body onload="show_time();">
<script language="javascript">
var seconds = 15
function show_time(){
if (seconds > 0){
if (seconds == 1) var s="";
else var s="s";

document.getElementById('url_msg').innerHTML = "Please wait "+seconds+" second"+s+" for download";
setTimeout("show_time()", 1000);
else {
document.getElementById('url_msg').innerHTML = "Please click here to download";
<div id="url_msg">


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