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[noob] Search php string - plese help!

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Hey guys, i am really new at PHP.
Last week i decided to make a website that would act as a proxy so i could goto blocked websites when i was at school, it was just going to be something basic and simple (like no images) however i got a bit carried away : [url=http://roflux.com/index2.html]http://roflux.com/index2.html[/url] (note the website is index2.html on purpose, i don't want it being my homepage just yet). Anyway im thinking of implementing a google mp3 search.

My friend was helping me out untill yesterday when he had to fly to New Zealand for 2 weeks so i won't get much help from him, but he  made me a php search string thing. Available at http://roflux.com/googleh.php anyway, i want to be able to make some HTML that searches through that, is it possible? Sorry if this should be in a different forum, but i got told this was an awesome site and would be able to help me out.

Thanks alot guys!

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