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Adding with php inserting into database?

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[b]Hello... I am trying to create a voting system like digg where you click a link and it adds one in a database... [i]this is what i have so far:[/i][/b]

  $id = $_GET["id"];
  $total_votes = $r['total_votes'];
  $one = 1;
  $add = ($total_votes + $one);
  $sql = "UPDATE links SET total_votes=$add WHERE id=$id";
      $result = mysql_query($sql);
    echo "Plus 1... added...";


[u]it does not work... maybe someone can help me?[/u]

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I don't know where $r['total_votes'] is defined, but if you just want to add one to a column's value, you can simply do:

$sql = "UPDATE links SET total_votes = total_votes + 1 WHERE id='$id'";
$result = mysql_query($sql);
if (!$result)
    echo 'Not updated. SQL: ', $sql, ' Error: ', mysql_error();
    echo "Plus 1... added...";

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