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2 problems.

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I've got a view profile script, there is two problems I am having. One of them is this:
Reputation: Array.

And the other problem is I wanted to check the accounts database to see
if the member wants other members to email them, if they Do I wanted the
email icon and link to apear, However It shows the icon at the top of the page
which is the start of the script, :\ confused...

my code is:
[code=php:0]include "../db.php";
$top = mysql_query("SELECT rank,rep,mem_mail,id FROM accounts WHERE user='$act'");
while( $vdat = mysql_fetch_array($top)) {
$usrank = $vdat[0];
$usrep = $vdat[1];
$usrmail = $vdat[2];
$actid = $vdat[3];
if( $usrmail == 1 ){
$mem_mail = "<a target=frame href=../Email.php?id='.$actid.'><img src=../images/email.PNG></a>";
$mem_mail = "";

$gx = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM profile WHERE user='$act'");
while( $bdat = mysql_fetch_row($gx))
echo '<font face="Verdana" size="1" color="#54A800">
          <td width="50%" height="20">
          <font face="Verdana" size="1" color="#FFFFFF">'.$usrep.'</font>';

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Update: I realised the array i forgot "MYSQL_NUM" although the otherone is a baffle.

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