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[SOLVED] Anyone done some benchmarks or compared work before?


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I have done some tests before mysql and mysqli. mysqli wins over mostly on insert and update. On read, mysql seems to be better tha mysqli. This something I have done before.


I just read a post here that uses PDO. I haven't used it before. I did some readings about it and also some benchmarks done by other people but their results are somehow varying.


What I want to ask here, is if anyone has used both PDO and mysqli before. If so, can you share your thoughts about this and your suggestion and what makes the other better over the other. I am currently using mysqli and asking myself whether I need to shift to PDO or not.


Thanks for your thoughts.

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PDO is meant to be abstract (able to talk to multiple DBMS systems within one protocol) and therefore you're going to lose some of the database specific functionality.  In my opinion, if your application will only ever use MySQL, why would you ever go to an abstract method for communicating with that database?


Performance aside, that should be enough to keep you away from PDO.  PDO is also not as easy to use and any performance gain, if there is one, would be negligible if your application is written correctly and your database is normalized and indexed properly.

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