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  1. PHPDesigner 8 (http://mpsoftware.dk/) was just released. I've been using this IDE for years and I absolutely love it. I looked at PHPStorm and it seems like PHPDesigner can do all of that stuff. And it's cheaper.
  2. I'm always looking for new tools so I gave this one a test drive. It is very cool and I like the idea of being able to browse the different cloud services in a very nice interface. However, no one doing any reasonable development would find this effective. Having to open a new interface to select a file to upload vs. having a split window where you can drag from a local location is not something to leave out of an FTP program. Fail. By the way, I don't personally use it but I've tried it: the IDE I use (PHPDesigner) has a built in FTP tool that will automatically upload the files when you save them. That might work for some but I like having more control over when things are uploaded.
  3. http://emaxhosting.com was suggested as well.
  4. All, Please keep in mind that this is NOT a self promotion area. This is about hosts you use or have used and their quality. Further self-promotion will result in action against your account, up to and including banning.
  5. Alright... I thought I'd post an update here. Over the past few days I've had issues with SmartFTP so I decided to give FileZilla a better shot. I'm definately using Filezilla now but there are a few features I miss about SmartFTP (mainly the ability to connect to more than one site at a time).
  6. .... thanks for the definitions, but I think most of us knew that.
  7. If you have any additional suggestions, PM either one of us or any of the mods and we'll add to the list. I've added 1and1.
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