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changing path in PHP script

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I have encountered a little bit problem here when I transferred my site to new host.

My new host doesn't allow FOPEN in the PHP code to access a URL.

So someone suggested me to change from the

Original code

to suggested code

Am I right?

My problem is I could see the file of ShowBanner.php but not ShowBanner.php?BannerType=468x60.

Where could I find this file?

This is the uploaded banner by the user.

What is the correct code?

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?BannerType=468x60 is creating a variable in a superglobal array called $_GET.  You need something in your code to tell it what to get/do.  If that's a size for an image you might echo an img tag with the correct size or similar.  Unless you specifically tell it to look for a file, it's just passing the banner type variable to the page.

Also, when you write in for help, including the page code always helps.  Just remmeber to scrub out any personal data (DB passwords etc.)

Good luck and I hope this helps.

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The original code is


  <td valign=top style="padding-top:5" width=600>  <div align="center">

What is the correct code to avoid using Fopen ?

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