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loading select box from php

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we are loading a selct box in ato an html page via AJAX weith this script. The
select box shows up fine, but the alert box does not trigger  when we select items.

echo "<select name= \"MySelect\" onChange=\"Alert('Hi')\">";
while ($LBOXROW=mysql_fetch_array($LBOXFIND,MYSQL_ASSOC)){
echo "<option value=\"$PINDEX\">$MYNAME</option>\n";
echo "</select>";



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Hi natalieG,

I think I found your problem javascript is case sensitive use a small "a" for Alert, you need to chage ur code :
echo "<select name= \"MySelect\" onChange=\"Alert('Hi')\">";
To this:
echo "<select name= \"MySelect\" onChange=\"alert('Hi')\">";

Here is a full example seperate of databse connectivity:
echo "<select name= \"MySelect\" onChange=\"alert('Hi')\">\n";
$i =0;
while ($i < 5){
$i ++;
$MYNAME= "Option".$i;
echo "<option value=\"$i\">$MYNAME</option>\n";
echo "</select>\n";

If you still have troubles give me a shout.  ;)

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