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Array not writing to file as expected...

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I'm serializing the array, and all, but it's writing it back to the text file as "Array".


  $textfile = "filelist.txt";
  if (file_exists($textfile) && is_file($textfile)) {
  $fp = fopen($textfile, "r");
  $file = file_get_contents($textfile, False, NULL);
  $rows = explode("\n", $file);
    if(isset($_POST['checksubmit'])) {
          foreach($_POST['row'] as $i)
      $fpw = fopen($textfile, "w");
      flock($fpw, LOCK_EX);
      fwrite($fpw, $rows);
      flock($fpw, LOCK_UN); 
  echo "<form action=\"" . append_sid("admin.php") . "\" method=\"POST\">";
      foreach($rows as $x => $row) {
        if($row == ""){
      echo '<input type="checkbox" name="row[]" value="'. $x .'">' . $row . "<br /> ";
  echo "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"checksubmit\">";
  echo "<br /><input type=\"submit\" value=\"Delete Selected\">";
  echo "</form>";

Now, as you can see, I'm using explode() on part of the array, not sure it that could cause part of the problem. Anyway, what is wrong in this code that would be causing the array to keep writing back as Array?

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i have a feeling that it's because you're not returning the serial to anything.  serialize() doesn't work directly on the variable, it returns the serialized version.  try this:

[code]$serialized_array = serialize($rows);
fwrite($fpw, $serialized_array);[/code]

haven't used serialize before, so this is a guess.

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+1 rule of PHP I did not know (or more so, of the serialize() function).

I guess that would be my problem then, as it is storing it as it should now.


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